company that sells live edge urban reclaimed wood in detroit southeast michigan

l i v e   e d g e   w o o d   s u p p l y

f r o m   l o c a l l y   s a l v a g e d

u r b a n   t r e e s

Who We Are  &  What We Do:

Live Edge Detroit is a premier local supplier of Live Edge wood slabs. We work closely with local tree care companies and community groups, to responsibly source our logs from around Metro-Detroit.  We only work with felled urban lumber, which means logs that would otherwise go to "waste" material, such as firewood or mulch.  We never seek out a living tree to build our inventory.


At our warehouse, in Troy, will mill the locally sourced logs into usable materials like slabs and rounds and dry them using a dehumidification kiln. Once dry and ready to use, we make available to the public for purchase in raw slab form.


Live Edge Detroit also offers an array of finished products & furniture from our own urban wood supply.  You can shop these products by visiting our Showroom, which is connected to our Warehouse, in Troy.


What We Don't Do...

Live Edge Detroit does not perform tree removal services, or purchase logs or lumber. It is our mission to salvage only trees that would otherwise go to waste material, and to give the trees a chance to live on in a new form, for many more years to come.

How To Shop:

Each piece of wood is truly unique - and we have hundreds of slabs to choose from at any one time! Visit us in person to look through our current inventory and to speak with a sales associate about what's right for your needs.


While at the warehouse, take a stroll through our storefront where you can shop beautiful wooden items such as bowls, cutting boards, serving boards and more.


Live Edge Detroit is currently closed.

At this time, we are unable to provide a date as to when a re-opening will take place.

If you had a project started with us before the COVID-19 shutdown, we have been in touch with you directly. If you'd still like to reach out for more information please send an email through the "Contact Us" section of our website.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this unchartered time.

Wishing everyone all the best.

The Mgmt Team at Live Edge Detroit

Read Customer Testimonials

"In a world where we are surrounded by an endless array of man-made products, it is really beautiful to see people connecting with natural materials again."


- Jenny Barger, Co-Founder, Live Edge Detroit

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