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company that sells live edge urban reclaimed wood in detroit southeast michigan

n a t u r a l   w o o d   s l a b s

f r o m   l o c a l l y   s a l v a g e d

u r b a n   t r e e s


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Live Edge Detroit is a premier supplier of rough-sawn and surfaced slabs, as well as finished goods, from salvaged urban trees that once grew in the Metro-Detroit neighborhoods we all live, work, and play in. Logs are milled and dried at our facility in Troy, MI, and then made available to the public for purchase in the form of slabs, rounds, mantels, stumps, cutoffs, and more. Most of the slabs in our warehouse inventory still have their natural live edge curve, but edge(s) can also be easily trimmed off for a more sleek, modern look.

Our front showroom features a curated collection of beautifully handcrafted finished goods - both for purchase and for inspiration! - made from our very own wood supply.  Whether you're looking for a gift item, such as a bowl or serving board, or raw wood materials to create your very own dream project, Live Edge Detroit has something for everyone!


Need help with finishing?
Live Edge Detroit offers select finishing services on slabs purchased directly from our warehouse.
Talk to one of our team members for more information on what is possible in-house.

Looking for finishing products?
Live Edge Detroit is proud to carry EcoPoxy, Starbond, Osmo & Walrus Oil products in-store! Please visit or call our showroom for more information. You can also click the EcoPoxy tab at the top of our screen to learn more about the specific EcoPoxy products we carry.

EcoPoxy Retailer Troy MI
Starbond Retailer Troy MI
Osmo Logo.png
Walrus Oil Retailer Troy MI

",love,love everything they have.

Will absolutely return as projects come up requiring bigger pieces of stock.
Thanks guys."

Dennis B., via Google Reviews


Little Girl On Natural Live Edge Slab of Wood in Troy MI



Each slab of wood is completely unique, and we have thousands of slabs to choose from! Because of this, inventory must be shopped in person at our warehouse in Troy. It is our goal to one day have our inventory available for purchase online, but for now, we invite you to visit us at our warehouse.


To come prepared, please bring any known dimensions and inspiration photos. This will better help us, help you!  Designers, craftsmen, and DIY'ers are all encouraged to visit Live Edge Detroit, and to bring your clients along, too. Our doors are open to any and all!

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