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241 Park St.

Troy, MI 48083

Beautiful Ebonized Oak bowl in 15" Diameter.


Shown above with four 7" individual serving bowls. (Sold seperately)


Produced for Live Edge Detroit by Holland Bowl Mill, the logs used to produce our bowls have been salvaged from around Metro Detroit. These logs would have otherwise been turned into firewood or mulch, but we were able to save them to create these beautiful bowls!


The dark finish you see on the outside of the bowl is not paint!  It is actually a process called “Ebonizing” that is achieved by applying a steel wool & vinegar solution to the wood.  The rich, lustrous black color you see on the outside of the bowl develops as an immediate reaction to the application of the solution!


Instructions for how to care for your bowl will be included with your purchase.  For best care, we recommend adding on the Bee's Wax mixture to your purchase before checkout.


Ebonized Oak Bowl (15")

  • If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please email us and let us know what we can do to help.  Most purchases from Live Edge Detroit are final sale, but Holland Bowl Mill does have a lifetime guarentee on all bowls so we will work together to find the right solution for your request.  Thank you!

  • Live Edge Detroit honors Holland Bowl Mill's Lifetime Guarentee on all wooden bowls. If your bowl ever cracks or warps from regular use, Holland Bowl Mill will replace it with a new one of similar size and finish.


    Never let water stand in a wood bowl for a long period of time and never clean wood bowls or any wood product in the dishwasher. Holland Bowl Mill recommends using water and a small amount of mild soap to clean your wood products, then hand dry.