Handmade by Blind Pig Studio, Lake Orion


Made from Black Walnut, added fractal points that really add unique interest to these clocks. Choose your favorite out of 8 different styles, grains and sizes.


Choose from Letters A-H:

A: 9" X 5.5"

B: 10" X 6.5"

C: 9" X 5.5"

D: 10" X 7"

E: 9" X 5.5"

F: 9" X 5.5"

G: 10" X 7"

H: 9" X 5.5"





Carson Mid Century Clock

  • To properly maintain we recommend that you hand wash after each use. If the board was lightly used with non-meat items, you can simply wipe it with lemon juice and salt. If you need a deep clean, scrub with hot water and soap. Wipe the board dry immediately after washing and reapply mineral oil or bee’s wax after every ten uses to keep the board from drying out.